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Music and Speech


The Superiority of Music
over the Language of Today

Fundamental Research

The Organ of Speech

The Smithy of Thought

Sovereignty over Bound and Free Creativity

The Dimension of
Creative Unfoldment

Control over the World
of Thinking

Content and Form,
Meaning and Structure

The Share of the
Senses of Perception
in the Process of
Gaining Knowledge

The Language of Music

How Our Ancestors
Used Language

Conclusions from the
Ancient Records

The Legacy of
Our Ancestors

The Task Set by
Our Ancestors


Peter Hübner
Founder of the
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  Music and Speech
Conclusions from the Ancient Records

We refer to their knowl­edge and mas­tery of the runes – those en­coded sym­bols: silent, im­pres­sive wit­nesses of their in­te­grated mas­tery over the or­gan of speech.

Testimonies of the Integrated Power over the Organ of Speech
With the sword of pure knowl­edge our an­ces­tors once ruled over speech and over the me­chan­ics of form­ing speech in an al­most magi­cal way. And with the sword of pure knowl­edge our gen­era­tion will suc­ceed in free­ing our com­mon day-to-day lan­guage from the scars and the dross of time.

The Sword of Pure Knowledge
As the knower of the truth of life, as the knower of his own in­ner and outer re­al­ity, man is pre­pared to boldly use this sword of knowl­edge with a fully func­tion­ing un­der­stand­ing and a heart fit for life.

The Sword of Musical Knowledge
Thus, our fore­fa­thers have at­trib­uted the high­est value to the in­ner fun­da­men­tals of life, and self-dis­ci­pline based on one’s own self-knowl­edge was the natu­ral basis for struc­tur­ing their day-to-day life.

The Inner Fundamentals of Life of Our Ancestors
Just as the wind moves the clouds across the sky, some­times from east to west, some­times from west to east, or some­times from north to south, the lan­guage of our an­ces­tors, along with the des­tiny of man­kind has ex­peri­enced great fluctuations in the tides of time and of peo­ples.
But de­spite the decay of hu­man sen­si­tiv­ity to­wards the com­mon lan­guage, peo­ple were still not able to touch the in­ner logic of speech.

The Domain of the Inner Laws of Speech
So, at least the in­ner laws of the lan­guage of our an­ces­tors have been pre­served for us to the pre­sent day. From the un­der­stand­ing of these laws of the for­ma­tion of lan­guage, the knowl­edge of the sym­bol­ism of our an­ces­tors arises once again.

Knowledge of the Symbolism of Our Ancestors
  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL