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Music and Speech


The Superiority of Music
over the Language of Today

Fundamental Research

The Organ of Speech

The Smithy of Thought

Sovereignty over Bound and Free Creativity

The Dimension of
Creative Unfoldment

Control over the World
of Thinking

Content and Form,
Meaning and Structure

The Share of the
Senses of Perception
in the Process of
Gaining Knowledge

The Language of Music

How Our Ancestors
Used Language

Conclusions from the
Ancient Records

The Legacy of
Our Ancestors

The Task Set by
Our Ancestors


Peter Hübner
Founder of the
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  Music and Speech
Fundamental Research

A va­ri­ety of com­po­nents can be found in speech which have a sub­stan­tial share in the proc­ess of its gen­era­tion and ap­pli­ca­tion; or which in one way or an­other are di­rectly re­lated to it:
  1. the or­gan of speech it­self – we dis­tin­guish be­tween the in­ner and the outer or­gan of speech;

  2. the me­chan­ics of the or­gan of speech, and the or­gans, or forces, in­volved in the gen­era­tion of speech;

  3. the proc­ess of ar­ticu­la­tion;

  4. the ar­ticu­lated; its con­tent and form – mean­ing and struc­ture, two­fold in­for­ma­tion: the phys­ics of the spo­ken word;

  5. the trans­for­ma­tion proc­ess from the in­ner speech to the outer speech, and the trans­for­ma­tion proc­ess from the in­ner hear­ing of mu­sic to its outer re­ali­za­tion;

  6. the mi­cro­cosm of speech and mu­sic;

  7. the mac­ro­cosm of speech and mu­sic;

  8. struc­tur­ing space and time in speech and mu­sic;

  9. the ana­lyti­cal as­pect of speech and mu­sic – diversification;

  10. the syn­the­sis of speech and mu­sic;

  11. the heri­tage of our an­ces­tors – a glimpse of the ex­ist­ing pos­si­bili­ties;

  12. the runes as the es­sence of lan­guage and com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

The Components which Define Speech
  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL