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  Music and Speech
Sovereignty over Bound and
Free Creativity

This en­tire mani­fold in­ner-hu­man world is known so far al­most only to the dreamer and, in his dream, he is the crea­tive king of his own lively men­tal world of fan­tasy.
But so far, unfor­tu­nately, he exe­cutes a cer­tain sov­er­eignty over the mani­fold realm of his men­tal ex­peri­ences only in his dream.

Power over Dreaming and Waking State of Consciousness
For the crea­tive man, how­ever, it is only natu­ral to pro­duce at will an ex­tremely rich, mani­fold, in­ner world of thoughts in his wak­ing state of con­scious­ness, too, and to live in it as its great ruler.
This sphere of the in­ner for­ma­tive power we call the world of crea­tive fan­tasy.

The World of Creative Fantasy
In­ter­nally-physi­cally – in terms of the in­ner me­chan­ics of the or­gan of speech, of the me­chan­ics of the senses and of the me­chan­ics of the mind, of the me­chan­ics of the breath and of the me­chan­ics of dis­crimi­na­tion – there is no dif­fer­ence be­tween the world of dream­ing and the world of fan­tasy of a poet or mu­si­cian. But there is a great dif­fer­ence in the ac­tual sov­er­eignty over the dream­ing state of con­scious­ness and the wak­ing state of con­scious­ness – in the in­flu­ence of the self-aware­ness over the de­vel­op­ment of the flow of thoughts.

Beyond the Mechanistic Processes of Creativity
The dreamer is hardly able to in­flu­ence the course of his dream whereas an in­di­vid­ual, gifted with crea­tiv­ity, freely de­ter­mines the de­vel­op­ment of his world of fan­tasy at any moment.

Freedom of Decision in the World of Fantasy
In the dream­ing state of con­scious­ness, the self con­sumes the men­tal changes pas­sively like a visi­tor to a cin­ema be­cause in the dream­ing state of con­scious­ness the or­gan of de­ci­sion – the in­tel­lect – has de­cided to mostly relax, and there­fore it in­flu­ences the course of the dream-events only very lit­tle.

The Inability to Make Decisions in the Dreaming State of Consciousness
Quite dif­fer­ent the wak­ing state of con­scious­ness of the crea­tive in­di­vid­ual: here, the self-aware­ness com­pletely gov­erns the change of scenes in the world of the mind through the set­tled in­tel­lect.
There­fore, the har­mo­ni­ously or­ga­niz­ing power has its great­est value in the con­scious fan­tasy of the alert, crea­tive art­ist.

The Ability to Make Decisions in the Waking State of Consciousness
The self of the dreamer exerts only lit­tle in­flu­ence over the dream ex­peri­ences be­cause, in the dream, it looses the knowl­edge of its own men­tal or­ga­niz­ing power. Dur­ing the dream, the self is unaware that it dreams, that it is in­deed the or­gan­izer of the dream, and that it can change its events at any time, or in­ter­rupt it by wak­ing up at will. If it did not lose this knowl­edge of its or­ga­niz­ing power over the dream, the phe­nome­non of fear, for ex­ample, would be im­pos­si­ble dur­ing dream­ing.

Creativity in Chains
The in­di­vid­ual of un­folded crea­tiv­ity real­izes that he is the imagi­na­tive or­gan­izer, the great ruler over the realm of his fan­tasy, the great sov­er­eign over his in­ner worlds, the fear­less, mighty or­gan­izer of eve­ry­thing he is ex­peri­enc­ing, the one who is hold­ing the reins to his men­tal ex­peri­ences in his hands, and who de­ter­mines the events at any time.

The Imaginative, Creative Individual
  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL