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Peter Hübner
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  The Science of Music
The True Field of Science in Music

Since mu­sic as such – the as­pect of pure mu­sic in the sound­ing event – from inside never goes be­yond the mind and also, strictly speak­ing, never reaches the mind since the mind only rep­re­sents the out­er­most bound­ary of mu­sic, one may state that pure mu­sic, by its true na­ture, is not even a part of the hu­mani­ties but be­longs to the field of the sci­ence of the self, the sci­ence of the core of hu­man life, or at least to the field of the sci­ence of the in­tel­lect.

Music beyond the Insights of Humanities and Natural Sciences
How­ever, the mind in the form of the mu­si­cal sound-space rep­re­sents the out­er­most bound­ary of mu­sic, just as smoke rep­re­sents the out­er­most bound­ary of fire; and in that re­spect at least the ef­fect of mu­sic be­longs to the field of hu­mani­ties.

The Effect of Music in the Field of the Humanities
The phi­loso­phy of mu­sic has its basis in the mu­sic lover – in his per­sonal love for mu­sic. Since mu­sic is able to de­scribe the sub­jec­tive and the ob­jec­tive re­al­ity, it is able to ex­press truth.

The Philosophy of Music
There­fore, it is ac­tu­ally man’s love of truth that makes mu­sic so at­trac­tive to him, be­cause the lan­guage of mu­sic, and with it the mu­si­cal de­scrip­tion of truth through the mu­si­cal art­ist – but also the mu­si­cal gain­ing knowl­edge by the lis­tener – is much more com­plete than any other con­sid­era­tion of re­al­ity in com­mon hu­man lan­guage, not to speak of ac­tu­ally gain­ing knowlegde through our col­lo­quial lan­guage.

The Holistic Musical Gaining of Knowledge
Be­cause of the power of its ex­pres­sion the mu­si­cal de­scrip­tion of the re­al­ity of our life ap­peals to our feel­ing much more than com­mon speech, and more­over, be­cause of the com­plex­ity of its flow of in­for­ma­tion, the lan­guage of mu­sic is able to sat­isfy the un­der­stand­ing in its search for truth much more pro­foundly than the spo­ken word.

The Power of Musical Expression
“Mu­sic is greater reve­la­tion
than all wis­dom and all phi­loso­phy.”


More­over, the proc­ess of ab­strac­tion of any men­tal-spiri­tual im­pres­sions, as well as the proc­ess of mak­ing them con­crete, can be mas­tered sys­tem­ati­cally and com­pletely through the means of mu­sic.

Levels of Knowledge in Music
There­fore, a great art of gain­ing in­ner and outer knowl­edge lies hid­den in mu­sic.

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