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  The Science of Music
The Perfect Musical Description

More­over, the spo­ken word of mu­sic of­fers the most di­rect method to sys­tem­ati­cally de­scribe the ele­ments of the sub­jec­tive sphere, as well as to por­tray the proc­ess of evo­lu­tion in gen­eral.
In this con­text the lan­guage of mu­sic de­scribes in­di­vid­ual evo­lu­tion and, based on that, so­cial evo­lu­tion, and fi­nally, as the outer shell of in­di­vid­ual and so­cial evo­lu­tion, eco­logi­cal evo­lu­tion.
And all of this is de­scribed by mu­sic not only in an dif­fer­en­ti­ated iso­lated man­ner, but in an in­te­grated and com­pletely uni­fied way as well.

Range and Function of the Spoken Word of Music
Mu­sic not only de­scribes on a level where time and space are sepa­rated, but also in terms of space-time in­te­gra­tion; and more­over, even be­yond space and time – on the ab­so­lu­te level of un­bounded space and on the ab­so­lu­te level of in­fi­nite time.

Absolute and Relative Levels of Description in Music
In the natu­ral, re­al­is­tic, exact mu­si­cal de­scrip­tion of the re­al­ity of life, sub­jec­tiv­ity and ob­jec­tiv­ity are not ir­rec­on­cil­able; ob­jec­tiv­ity is rather per­ceived and por­trayed as the outer pe­riph­ery of life.

Integration of Subjectivity and Objectivity
Thus, at the out­er­most pe­riph­ery of the mu­si­cal sound-space, mu­sic de­scribes the ob­jec­tive sphere of na­ture as the out­er­most bor­der of the sub­jec­tive.

The Musical Description of the Objective Sphere of Music
  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL