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The Inner Mechanics of
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  The Inner Mechanics of Creating Music
Control over the Composition

How­ever, this in­te­gra­tion of feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing is so vi­tal to the mu­si­cian for yet an­other rea­son: a bal­anced re­la­tion­ship be­tween the warm­ing force of the feel­ing and the cool­ing force of the un­der­stand­ing within the com­po­si­tion – so that the lis­tener is not over­thrown by un­con­trolled ice-cold or glow­ing-hot waves, which would unneccessarily shock his in­ner per­cep­tion.

Balance of the Heat and the Cold-Producing Devices
There­fore, it is a fur­ther fun­da­men­tal step in prac­ti­cal mu­sic edu­ca­tion to de­velop the co­ordi­nat­ing power of the in­tel­lect which takes a har­mo­niz­ing, me­diating po­si­tion be­tween the in­te­gra­tive feel­ing and the dif­fer­en­tiat­ing un­der­stand­ing, and which fur­ther­more keeps the mu­si­cal ele­ments to­gether as well as apart – those ele­ments which have been dis­tin­guished from one an­other by the power of dif­fer­en­tia­tion.

The Coordinating Power of the Musical Creator
This will be the sys­tem­atic, sci­en­tifi­cally founded cul­ti­va­tion of the co­ordi­na­tive func­tion­ing of our in­tel­lect.

With­out this as­pect of co­or­di­na­tion be­tween the feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing, and with­out its well-di­rected ap­pli­ca­tion un­der the di­rect guid­ance of the self-aware­ness, the mu­si­cal art­ist is not able to com­pose in a har­mo­niz­ing, ho­lis­tic and mean­ing­ful man­ner, be­cause:
  1. with the as­pect of in­tel­lec­tual un­der­stand­ing domi­nat­ing, the com­poser would tend to pre­fer dis­so­nances, that is, va­ri­ety at the ex­pense of unity, and the re­sult would be, for ex­ample, the clean con­struc­tion scheme of serial mu­sic as an ex­ten­sion of the twelve-tone mu­sic – dis­so­nant, life­less, un­pleas­ant;
  2. with the as­pect of feel­ing domi­nat­ing, the com­poser would tend to pre­fer sim­plic­ity, that is, sim­plic­ity at the ex­pense of mul­ti­plic­ity, and the re­sult, for ex­ample, would be shal­low en­ter­tain­ment mu­sic – con­so­nant, un­crea­tive, sen­ti­men­tal.

The Direct Leadership of Performance by the Inner Musical Creator
Only the in­te­grated ap­pli­ca­tion of feel­ing and un­der-stand­ing by the com­poser and by the per­for­mer will cre­ate an enli­vened im­pres­sion of per­fec­tion within the lis­tener.

The Listener’s Impression of Perfect Music
For the mu­sic-lover this reve­la­tion of per­fec­tion is truly ful­fill­ing and con­vinces him of the di­vine spark within man. Thereby he gains an in­ner, gen­eral, hu­man sta­bil­ity, and per­son­ally un­per­turbed by doubts he gains in­sight into the po­ten­tial of hu­man-di­vine free­dom.

  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL