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The Inner Mechanics of
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The Natural Seatof the
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  The Inner Mechanics of Creating Music
The Natural Seat of the
Musical Creator

Our in­ner fac­ulty of de­ci­sion-mak­ing, the co­ordi­nat­ing power of our in­tel­lect, is the mid junc­tion point of our in­tel­lect with our self. The two forces of dis­crimi­na­tion, our feel­ing and our un­der­stand­ing, are the side junc­tion points of our in­tel­lect with our self. The in­tel­lec­tual fac­ulty of de­ci­sion-mak­ing there­fore lies be­tween the feel­ing fac­ulty of dis­cern­ment and the un­der­stand­ing fac­ulty of dis­cern­ment.

Coordination of two Opposing Forces
How­ever, the de­ci­sion-mak­ing fac­ulty is not lo­cated be­tween the self and the two fac­ul­ties of dis­cern­ment; rather all three are di­rectly con­nected to the self and ema­nate from the self.

The Origin of the Decision-Making Faculty
Stimu­la­tion and con­trol of these three com­po­nents of the in­tel­lect al­ways takes place di­rectly through our self-aware­ness.

The Creative Function of the Self-Awareness
The de­ci­sion-mak­ing fac­ulty of the in­tel­lect, its co­ordi­nat­ing force, su­per­vises the in­ter­play of the fac­ul­ties of feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing dur­ing the crea­tive proc­ess and regu­lates the warm­ing-up and the cool­ing-down of our thoughts. Our de­ci­sion-mak­ing fac­ulty is there­fore re­spon­si­ble for the continu­ous flow of our think­ing, for the har­mo­ni­ous merg­ing of our mu­si­cal thought struc­tures into each other.

In this way, our self-aware­ness, in its proc­ess of com­plete in­ner awak­en­ing, de­livers to our mind through our feel­ing the uni­ver­sal unity-cre­at­ing and unity-sus­tain­ing ba­sic vi­bra­tion, and through our un­der­stand­ing the uni­ver­sal di­ver­sity-cre­at­ing and di­ver­sity-sus­tain­ing ba­sic vi­bra­tion, thus enli­ven­ing our mind to a per­fect sound-struc­ture.

The Perfect Sound Structure
This all-em­brac­ing vi­bra­tion with its two­fold ef­fect is a gift from the self through its in­her­ent crea­tive power to the mind, giv­ing it that mani­fold unity which mu­sic re­quires to ex­press the re­al­ity of life in mul­tiple form.

The Gift from the True Musical Creator
By me­diating be­tween our feel­ing and our un­der­stand­ing the co­ordi­nat­ing fac­ulty of our in­tel­lect main­tains the har­mony be­tween mu­si­cal unity and mu­si­cal di­ver­sity – thus nour­ish­ing that world of enli­vened si­lence on the level of our mind.

Harmony between Musical Unity and Diversity
The co­or­di­na­tion be­tween the forces of feel­ing and of un­der­stand­ing gives sta­bil­ity to the feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing and brings about their full ef­fi­ciency.

Stability of the Creative Process
As a man can walk safely only on two legs, like­wise, the mu­si­cal art­ist has true sta­bil­ity in his crea­tive un­fold­ment, when rais­ing a com­po­si­tion from the depth of his stimu­lated fan­tasy, only when he util­izes his feel­ing and his un­der­stand­ing in an in­te­grated man­ner.

Stability of the Musical Artist
  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL