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Scientific Fundamentals of
Music Aesthetics

The Image of
Musical Beauty

The Embodiments
of Harmony

Motivation and Responsibility of the

Reversal of the Reality
of Creating Music

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The Natural Potential
of the True Artist

Synthesis of the
Artistic and Cultural
Achievement of Music


Peter Hübner
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  Scientific Fundamentals of Music Aesthetics
Synthesis of the Artistic and
Cultural Achievement of Music

In the sec­ond case – when the lis­tener li­ves on the level of com­plete ful­fil­ment – the mu­si­cal thought will un­fold only very dis­cretely from the har­mony into the worlds of the se­quences; only very subtly will the mo­tifs and the melo­dies of this com­po­si­tion un­fold into all di­rec­tions of hu­man evo­lu­tion; be­cause here the true mu­si­cal mean­ing li­ves freed from time and space – in the pri­mary sub­stance of the un­bound­ed­ness of space and in the pri­mary sub­stance of the in­fin­ity of time.

The Process of Musical Unfoldment beyond Space and Time
Such a com­po­si­tion will hardly leave the world of an in­ner­most dia­logue – that in­ti­mate dia­logue which takes place on the level of unity: on that level, where man’s in­ner­most feel­ing and in­ner­most un­der­stand­ing ex­pand in­wardly to­wards in­fin­ity.

The ar­tis­tic mes­sage ac­tu­ally needed by the en­vi­ron­ment may be very dif­fer­ent from the ar­tis­tic mes­sage which the masses call for at the top of their voice.

Cultural Feedback in Music
Eve­ry mother knows that her child enjoys eating choco­late and can­dies more than any­thing else. Why then does she not al­ways give it sweets to eat? Be­cause she knows that the child’s nour­ish­ment would be very incom­plete, and that it would not re­ceive all the nu­tri­ents nec­es­sary for growth.

The Cultural Evolution in Music
In the same way, the masses only ask for shal­low en­ter­tain­ment mu­sic, and by con­sum­ing it, their dis­crimi­na­tive abil­ity to absorb men­tal nour­ish­ment lan­guishes.

The true mu­si­cian does not lend him­self to such an ir­re­spon­si­ble (and only ma­te­ri­ally prof­it­able) sup­port of the masses’ fad, but, in a very dis­crete man­ner, he lov­ingly in­creases the lis­tener’s ap­pe­tite for those mul­tiple nu­tri­ents which are ab­so­lutely vi­tal for his natu­ral in­ner growth.

Liberation from the Music Trends of the Masses
The true mu­si­cian picks up the pre­sent men­tal-spiri­tual dis­po­si­tion of his en­vi­ron­ment and pro­vides the en­vi­ron­ment with that mu­si­cal nour­ish­ment which can ac­cel­erate the lis­tener in the proc­ess of his natu­ral hu­man un­fold­ment, and which si­mul­ta­ne­ously ad­vances cul­tural in­te­gra­tion in gen­eral.

The Cultural-Artistic Feedback in Music
To ac­com­plish this, the art­ist must first draw upon his own cul­ture, but un­tir­ingly he will refine, cul­ti­vate, beau­tify, and per­fect this given cul­ture. He may even have to lead it from a state of in­di­vid­ual and so­cial disin­te­gra­tion to a har­mo­ni­ous world of cul­tural unity.

Systematic Refinement of Culture
Such an achieve­ment de­mands spe­cific re­quire­ments from the life of the mu­si­cal art­ist: within him­self he must real­ize the unity of self-con­scious­ness, feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing, and in his con­sci­ence he must make the firm reso­lu­tion to real­ize this per­sonal in­ner bliss­ful unity in his en­vi­ron­ment too.

The Personal Life of the Composer as the Root of his Musical Achievement
So, he must also real­ize the sub­stance of mu­sic very per­son­ally, for only on the basis of this per­sonal re­ali­za­tion will he, as a mu­si­cian, be ca­pa­ble of truly gen­erat­ing life-sup­port­ing in­flu­ence.

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