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Peter Hübner
Founder of the
Micro Music Laboratories




  The Microcosm of Music                                               page 1 2 3 4 5 6
JOURNALIST: Herr Huebner, there is a group of 20 pieces of work, the so-called “Meditative Aphorisms”, which are to give a special insight into the microcosm of music – if I am right. You also name different spheres.

Can you tell us something about this?

Peter Huebner: These pieces of work mainly give an insight into the tonal family relationships within the microcosm of music. We can learn a lot from this.

What we know in our human everyday life, the different generations – great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren etc. of both sides – can also be found in the microcosm of music.

Only that in the microcosm of music, there is always one generation that has the final say, and the other generations – the further they are away from this generation – have less and less to say, and/or appear more and more faintly. In the example of the tone with its “overtones”, we see the corresponding: the so-called overtones, more distant from the fundamental tone, appear more and more faintly.

There are generation problems every- where in life. The greater the gap is between the generations, the more these problems become evident – the more difficult it seems to get on with each other.

Who is right? – is the question always asked. And each generation claims to be right. The older ones claim that, due to their old age, they have more experience, and that is why they should be right. And the younger ones reply that they have more original creativity, and that for this reason they are equally entitled to be right. We all know these arguments, and our instinct tells us: well – it must be like that, it has always been like that, and it will be the same in future.

The microcosm of music thoroughly enlightens us in this respect: the generation problem comes about, when the natural harmonious order between the generations is not observed.

At the same time, the microcosm of music does indeed differentiate between the generations – but it does not say indiscriminately that the “older ones” must rank higher in the hierarchy than the “younger ones”.

From the viewpoint of the microcosm of music, the “older ones” may just as well have the final say towards the “younger ones” as the “younger ones” towards the “older ones”, only: it is not possible for them to have the final say at one and the same time.

archaic strings,
woodwinds sound bowls,
bells, brass
didgeridoos, drums

Peter Huebner
Meditative Aphorisms
Instrumental –
Orchestra No. 1-5
Label: Harmony Expansion
playing time: 5h 32 ’32”

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