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A Natural Appreciation for Music


Peter Hübner
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  Avant Garde Music
  Living and Dead Music  
  In this way, a group of incompetent people have got together, who are only really successful by pulling the wool over people’s eyes – people who indeed pay them, but definitely avoid their music –, and making them believe that they should change their hearing habits, and that, perhaps in fifty years, they will be as intelligent as they are, and then understand their music.

To these good-for-nothings, I am like the little boy in the fairy-tale “The emperor’s new clothes”, who shouts: “The emperor is not wearing anything at all”.

And for these kind of musical hypocrites, my music has always been pure heresy – as an official success of this music would mean their musical end.

For the upright, musically educated expert, however, music, that is orientated towards the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, always was and still is a treasure-house, as, within the compositional craft which can be objectively assessed, it possesses a high level, and points to new horizons.
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