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Peter Hübner
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Educational Music
Peter Huebner – Harmonic Information as Medication for Education
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Music &. Nature: Mr. Huebner, on the part of important American medical professionals, great endeavours are being made to get you and the Micro Music Laboratories, as well as the innovation of the harmonical digital pharmaceutics, to the USA. The same is true of Asia, where your Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is enjoying great scientific success – particularly, too, in China where, in combination with the medicine traditional there, your Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has helped to bring about great increases in achievements. How do you respond to this interest? Can you imagine going there?

“If it misses out on these developments, a nation which is still right at the top today might be right at the bottom tomorrow.
And a nation which recognises these modern education opportunities can get right from the bottom to the top by purposefully exploiting them.”

Peter Hübner
Peter Hübner: We are seeing the same amount of interest amongst medical experts in Europe, America, and Asia. Therefore, in accordance with this, we are considering setting up three large locations for the research and utilisation of the natural laws of harmony. Whether the European headquarters will then be located in Germany is not yet clear – it will certainly also depend on the political interest, which still varies greatly from region to region in Europe and, in fact, in Germany. It would be logical to go where the demand and, with it, the natural success is greatest.

These criteria will then also determine which of the three headquarters – America, Europe or Asia – will, one day, occupy the leading position.

Basically, we come across two kinds of interest: firstly, scientific interest concerned with the development of new medical treatment methods, new pharmaceutical products, and new environmentally friendly marketing methods.

The other kind of interest is purely economic, for with the development of a new branch of medicine and a new pharmaceutical product-line always comes the simultaneous creation of many employment opportunities.

In making the decision about the location, one must always consider both factors. But here everything is still in flux – especially in the recently added field of education, although things will beome clearer over the next couple of years – we will see.

“The progressive decline
of our culture
is so obviously of a
pathological nature,
so obviously possesses
the features of a sickness
of the human mind,
that there is a
categorical necessity
for a medical science aspect
in the examination of culture
and of the mind.”

Konrad Lorenz
Nobel prize-winner