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Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
A Short Information at a Glance
No innovation has gained such a fast foothold and recognition among medical experts as the utilisation of the natural laws of harmony.

When one considers that the term Medical Resonance Therapy Music was only coined 10 years ago, and then looks at the present level of documentation on research and developments in this new branch of medicine, and the statements of leading medical experts from different fields right up to international recognition as the most successful “anti-stress remedy in the world” at the International Conference “Society, Stress and Health” of the World Health Organisation (WHO), then it is also worthwhile examining the causes for such enormous medical success more closely.

success in the single patient surely forms the basis for the rapid public growth of this new branch of medicine. But the scientific research of leading universities and medical research facilities in many parts of the world – not to forget the unselfish engagement of leading medical experts – form the backbone of the international acceptance and guarantee the success for future.
Medical Resonance Therapy Music - 
Medical Music Preparations on CD
With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL

Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
is the only
Medical Music Preparation
approved by the
Government in Germany
and is available in
22 000 German Pharmacies.
The Harmony Laws of Nature operating in the Medical Fields of: