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Multiple Sclerosis

Reduct. of Beta Waves

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Release of Mental Manifestations of Stress in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

The therapy program was composed of 4 therapeutic blocks of 6 days each. In these 6 days the patients were treated with 19 dif­fer­ent compositions of Medical Resonance Ther­apy Music® in a specific sequence.

Three treatments per day were given in­di­vidu­ally in the room (morning, noon, and evening) and two treatments per day in the group (be­fore lunch and afternoon) Therapy time per day was 4-5 hours. The whole program of 4 blocks was taken by 3 ms-patients (Mr A, 41 years old, development of ms in attacks with partly remissions; Mrs B, 52 years old, slow chronically progressing form of ms; Mrs C, 36 years old, development of ms in attacks with partly remissions).

14 other patients took part for 2 therapy blocks only. Even if their data were not evalu­ated in detail for this study their general de­vel­op­ment was along the same lines.

Before starting with the treatment and after each therapy block the patients judged their mental state according to well-being and a depression scale after Dr. med. Zerssen, Munich. The reports documented a slight improvement in well-being and decrease in depressive moods, even if here great in­di­vid­ual variations were observed.

The subjective experience was
characterized by two different aspects
  1. intensive and effective reappraisal of previously undigested ex­peri­ences – as a release of past mental stress situations

  2. unusually deep experience of har­mo­ni­ous values such as trust, se­cu­rity, love, gratitude, inner peace, hope, confidence, freedom from worry, creativity, zest for life and happiness



Dr. med. Mihr

With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL